Individual Tax Rates Per Country

Here in the USA, many of us are starting the daunting task of doing our taxes.  While we all whine and complain about taxes, bottom line is that everyone pays them, worldwide.  Below is a list of the maximum tax rates per country then the GST (goods and services tax) since we all buy goods.  These are approximate since there are sometimes additional local taxes.  Property taxes are not included since this is a very local tax, to be sure the USA is among the lowest in this category.

Australia 46% + 10%
Canada 55% + 5%
China 45% + 17%
France 66% + 7%
Israel 52% + 18%
Japan 50% + 5%
Singapore 20% + 7%
South Africa 40% + 14%
UK 45% + 20%
USA 40% + 11% (varies locally)

A full list along with detail available HERE.  Interesting to note that the USA is second only to Singapore on this list and one of the lowest in the world.

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