The USA Needs To Decide On Future - Mexico or Norway?

The Presidential election is just five months from now and of course, 1/3 of the senate and all of the house seats will be elected at the same time.

The question is the future.  Does the USA want to look more like Norway or more like Mexico.  There really can not be an in between.  Let me explain.

With the debt where it is today, outside of some really great growth, something like 4-5% a year for a decade, which isn't likely to happen, the country has a problem that is well documented and the two parties have definitely dug in for a fight!

Those on the right wish to cut entitlements to the bone which would make us look a lot like Mexico or similar countries with a low gini index, a small percentage of folks with a lot of wealth and little in the way of a social safety net.

Those on the left wish to raise taxes on virtually everyone skewed more to the wealthiest among us which would make us look a lot like Norway or Sweden or Canada, a more even society with less wealth at the top and a safety net for all.

Both have positives and negatives and the electorate will decide!


  1. Kenneth6/14/2012

    I choose Norway, a safety is necessary for people to take the chances they need to take to be a success since many will fail.

  2. Smart One9/18/2012

    I live in Canada and our personal taxes are quite high so the safety net is definitely not free, I suppose it is a trade off.