Super-Pacs Are Ruining The 2012 Election

We all know about the US Supreme Court decision (citizens united) in 2011 that allowed for unlimited funds to be donated to so called super-pacs (political action committees) without knowing the source of those funds.

With a 5-4 decision (5 republicans for and 4 democrats against), the seeds were sown.

It appears as if the super-pacs are the fuel that is keeping the republican nomination race going and going and going.  And the 2012 general election will surely be the first billion dollar election.

Just wait for this fall.  Its going to be a mind-boggling show of money muscle on both sides.  Democrats on principle may not like the idea but in the end have no choice but to play along.  The law is the law and rules are rules.  I may not like the new speed limit for example but if I am in a race, I have to go the speed limit!

I wonder what will happen to this law when we find out some time that a foreign government is funding one party?

Wouldn't it be ironic that the republicans on the supreme court (who voted for) would ultimately undermine the republican nominee for president (Mitt Romney) in the very next election cycle!

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  1. No kidding. What a terrible decision. The supremes never considered the ramifications of this at all.