Higher Gas Prices Is Great News

Most people understand the relationship between oil prices and gas prices.  As oil increases in price, so does gas which is refined oil.  Sometimes a convenient refinery shutdown will temporarily increase prices even further.

What most people do not understand is that higher gas prices is great news.  

Demand for the commodity that is oil goes up when the economy is doing better and vice versa.

Understand, when the economy good, oil demand goes up and so do gas prices.

I heard some ridiculous conservative talk show guy mention that President Obama doesn't get it when he mentions that increase in gas prices is actually good news for the economy.

Its idiots like that buffoon who don't get it or probably do but would just rather find something negative to say about the President or the economy when things are indeed turning around and getting better.

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  1. Anonymous3/06/2012

    Exactly, great POST !!!