US Small Businesses Seriously Disadvantaged In Healthcare

OK, you have two small companies, both supply widgets to bigger companies around the world and they have five employees.  One is in Buffalo, NY and the other is in Toronto, Canada.

The company in Toronto has a huge advantage over the company in Buffalo.  Why?

Because of universal healthcare.  I am not here to debate which system is better but the bottom line is the bottom  line.  The employees in Buffalo have to shell out upwards of $500 a month for terrible coverage with high deductables.  The employees in Toronto have universal healthcare and sure they pay a higher personal tax rate but in the end, this small difference is not so small.

Extrapolate that across thousands of small companies in hundreds of countries, and you see the problem.  In the end, costs have to be passed on to the customer and our boys in Buffalo are a serious disadvantage.

As we compete globally, we have to consider universal healthcare for business reasons.

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