Chevy Volt

The Chevy Volt is a game changer. If it can truly deliver on its promise of 230 mpg in the city and zero gas usage until 40 miles, it will change the world.

Obviously competitors will get to work on better and more cost effective cars now but no matter how you slice it, this will affect anything oil related.

Domestically, oil rich states will slowly lose that revenue stream and we may see some political fights as to who's fault it was that any one state was too tied to any one commodity.

Internationally, wow, this is huge. What will become of the nations that are largely wealthy because of black gold, oil? What will become of Russia, Norway and Canada in ten, twenty or thirty years? What about the political ramifications in the middle east and arab states now that the world is slowly weaning itself from dinosaur droppings?

Tough to predict but I am glad to be alive to see it unfold.

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