Health Care

Health Care is the topic du jour so lets talk. Here is the scenario, you have a small software company based in Buffalo, NY. They are doing pretty well but certainly aren't big enough to get any kind of big company break from the insurance companies so they foot the bill. Where does that money come from? It comes from profits or it is passed on to customers. But wait. They cannot pass the cost on to customers because 15 miles away, there is a another small software company based in Ontario, Canada. That is the problem, so now they aren't competitive or they charge less meaning less profits and less tax revenue for the USA. Do you get it now?

Bottom line is that this scenario plays out everyday everywhere, that second software company could be in Bangalore or London, same results.

Its not preferable but in an ironic kinda way, the 'free' market of health care around the world is forcing us to do the same. We must have a government option for healthcare.

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