GM Bankruptcy

Ok, now GM is filing bankruptcy or will very soon. Exactly what I and others thought months ago and certainly as my May 1 post said.

Bankruptcy will ultimately help the car companies focus on making better cars.

I do think that the government should 'help' the three car companies combine into two or even one so that the US might be able to compete with the other nations car companies on a fair playing field which it is not now.

And yes, the govt has the right and obligation to dictate mileage, just as it has the right and obligation to dictate safety minimums.

My 1986 Honda Civic got 30 mpg, I'll bet that same car today gets about the same and the US makers are far worse. Are you kidding me? 23 years and no improvement in mpg, surely the technology is there, just no one pushing and prodding the companies to do so. That is what the govt is for!

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