Two Party System

We face some pretty big challenges. Have you heard anyone say we should vote our leaders out of office? Of course you have BUT in a two party system, that would likely mean voting for the party you dont care for - and no one is about to do that.

Think about it, I live in Texas and I hear it all the time, 'throw the bums out' but here that would mean voting democratic for the most part and thats as likely as people in Massachusetts voting republican, get it!

The point is that the two party system really gives you little real choice and that has to change. We need to allow a third or a fourth party to grow and with the amount of money needed to mount any kind of campaign, even at a local level, its going to be tough.

I suggest we do away with all campaign finance, period, allow all parties equal time on local and national television, say 5 minutes at the end of newscasts, this would allow for the possibility for real debate and a third party giving voters a real chance for change.


  1. Anonymous3/10/2009

    Absolutely true, we all complain about the way things are but when it comes to changing parties to make it happen, no one is willing to go that far.

  2. Anonymous3/10/2009

    Its not the two party system, per se, its the stupid electorate that keeps reelecting the same self-serving politicians over and over again, even if they turn out to be liers, thiefs and outright saboteurs, simply on the basis of party affiliation. The only thing this accomplishes is it makes it easier on the lobbyists, and drives this once great country into the ditch.

    To make a change, it would suffice to turn off radio and cable TV, seek wisdom (its within, its called 'think for yourself') and vote any and all politicians out of office who do not support the following

    1) term limits (4 years is more than enough)
    2) ban PACs and lobbyists (its a gov't of one man one vote. period)
    3) ban politicians from claiming unused campaign contributions as personal income (either directly or through employ of family members - its how Washington politicians become millionaires)

  3. Anonymous3/11/2009

    I'd add one more item on pay. I'd institute a measure of how our economy is doing; if it does better, politicians may receive some raise. If it's worse, no raise and possible reduction. Plus, no health and no more pay after they leave office. It's ridiculous how much we pay these creeps once they have left office...for the rest of their life!

  4. Anonymous3/13/2009

    Regarding pay, ...its pay and retirement benefits. An individual who worked in different government entities draws seperate pay and/or retirement benefits from each job that in some instances add up to over million dollars. There is no cumulative cap on benefits or compensation. Its a scam.